Daily Guidance 4/11/16

Daily Guidance Tarot Reading | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The Dreaming Way Tarot & The Sacred Rebels Oracle

The Universe is bringing a message to you that is impacted by external forces. The more you are able to go with the flow and in an open, honest and unapologetic way after receiving the message, the more energy will be released from unhealthy patterns. It can instead be applied to a fresh new course in life that is much healthier, with more freedom & self-love.

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Daily Guidance 4/9/16

Guidance Tarot w/Lumina Tarot | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: Lumina Tarot

I haven’t redone my budget since moving into the house, so today I did the larger guidance pull for a little extra oomph. How funny to get all Pentacles!
Be generous, don’t skimp in the budget and be left without enough funds for the essentials.
Be open to new ways of budgeting and seeing your money. Maybe give manifesting a try (after all it can’t hurt)!
Find the balance in the budget not to miserly and not to much mad money and become materialistic.

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Breaking In A New Tarot Deck

So you’ve clicked Submit and for the past week you’ve been non-stop clicking on the Amazon tracking status of your new tarot or oracle deck. Then finally, the status you’ve been looking forwards to: Package delivered! YES! Now what? You’ve got your new deck but what do you do to break it in? Nothing or Something? I’m a something gal myself!

I always check out the card backing, for me these can make or break a deck. Example: Loved The Dreaming Way deck I loved until I saw the backings, as a result I hardly use the deck. At the same time I’m also checking out the card stock & finish. Is it flimsy like ShadowScapes or great quality like The Wild Unknown. This doesn’t make or break a deck for, I still adore the ShadowScapes deck I just wish it was a little better quality.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm | FarmhouseOracle

Featured here: Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Then I move onto looking at each card individually, after I’m done with a single card I pass it through some Clary Sage essential oils I have diffusing. I make note of any cards that standout to me or are different from the regular structure like some of the Majors in this deck or The StarChild deck.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Shuffle! I shuffle really well pausing every so often to Reiki the cards. Since they are new to me and have been handled by others and machines up until this point I like to infuse them with some of this energy so I feel like they can connect and recognize me easier. Then I do my initial Interview Spread, this particular deck interviewed beautifully!

Initial Interview Tarot Spread | FarmhouseOracle.com

After the Interview I check out the book, unless its just a little white book (LWB) I never look at those. Things I look for in a book: I check out the intro opening pages before the descriptions portion because sometimes the artist puts in a section about why they made certain artistic decisions. For example with this deck, it mentions why the artist chose to make all the images up close almost portrait like. I love getting that inside peak. I read the descriptions of the cards I noted earlier that stood out or were different from the norm, I also read the Temperance card just because its my favorite. I also check out the spreads section to see if there is a new spread that comes with the book (love trying out new spreads!).

What do you do when you get a new deck?

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Daily Guidance 4/7/16

Daily Guidance Tarot Readings | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition

Really assess where you can and should spending your energy. Cut out the things or people in your life that have become energy suckers and hone in on those things that truly matter to you. What’s left is what you should be planning a future for and spending your time and energy on.

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Daily Guidance 4/5/16

Daily Guidance The Wild Unkown | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The Wild Unknown

Now is the time to begin any new creative ventures you’ve been thinking about, release your creative energy. There’s a time for thought and a time for action, now is the time to act upon these creative notions.

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Daily Guidance 4/3/16

Daily Guidance Kuan Yin Oracle | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: Kuan Yin Oracle Deck

Your energy grows stronger as your spiritual awareness expands. Take care of your body as it adjusts itself to your new strengths, during this time your words and thoughts have a higher potency.
Shine on lovelies!

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Daily Guidance 3/31/16

Nigel Jackson Tarot Nine of Cups | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: Nigel Jackson Tarot

Sometimes you get a wonderfully happy card but your mood is as black as the three cups of coffee you needed to get out of bed, the dark chocolate stashed in your purse to get through the day and the black sweatshirt your co-workers recognize as the don’t talk to me sweatshirt.

BUT one of the reasons I so love reading tarot as guidance is that on days like this, where I feel like Godzilla, it’s a friendly little voice pushing you through that black mood.
So the Nine of Cups today is my little ray of sunshine, my push to overcome my crumby mood and my comic relief (or Godzuki if we stick with my Godzilla metaphor).

And I’m already feeling a little lighter!

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Daily Guidance 3/30/16

Daily Guidance Reading | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The Wisdom Keepers Oracle

Today work has sent me to our crisis call center and mobile dispatch unit to help streamline their workflows and maybe design an app to help them out.
Since I’m going to be in a crisis unit with patients I asked for guidance for my time there.
Today requires your head screwed on right, don’t take things lightly. Treat everyone equal from patients to staff. Even though it’s a serious day don’t be afraid to enjoy your time learning about the great service being provided here.

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Daily Guidance 3/29/16

Daily Guidance | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The Silent Tarot

Never let yourself lose the joy of learning…

‘There are few things more pathetic than those who have lost their curiously and sense of adventure, and who no longer care to learn’ .
-Gordon B Hinckley

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Daily Guidance 3/28/16

The StarChild Tarot Akashic Edition | Wheel of Fortune | FarmhouseOracle.com

Featured here: The StarChild Tarot Akashic Edition

There are certain cards that when you pull them are like a warm snuggly teddy bear hugs and you just can’t help but smile. Then there’s the other side of the coin. There are some cards that when you pull them, your immediate reaction is a sudden turn in mood. When I pull the Wheel of Fortune, for myself, I immediately get cranky and feel like a three year old about to throw a temper tantrum while kicking rocks around the recess yard.

For me, when you get this kind of a reaction to a card, it means you dislike or resent the message it’s trying to provide you. When I get these cards I know it’s time to really think about why they bother me so much and once I’m able to do that. I end up really growing as a person.

Then again, after reading for so long you’d think I would’ve already worked through these…but no. That inner three year old is quite strong and wins frequently when it comes to the last two cards that really irk me.

I suppose it’s time to put myself and inner three year old in time out with this card to get to the bottom of it (but I really don’t want to…).

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